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Filadélfia: parques e natureza

Local Histórico
“Visit the most historic place in US: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed at Independence Hall. ”
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“One of Philadelphia's landmark parks. In the heart of downtown. Beautiful amongst the tall buildings. ”
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Jardim de esculturas
“The Magic Gardens spans three city lots, and includes indoor galleries and a large outdoor labyrinth. It is a giant piece of art you can walk through and explore nooks & crannies. It is whimsical & facinating. To date, it is the largest work created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. They host fun events, DIY art nights, live music & BYOB. Check the website calender for more information. ”
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“Grab a beer and a sandwich and swing on a hammock along the Delaware River! Awesome views of the Ben Franklin Bridge!”
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“ The new trails and walkways are friendly for bikes and pedestrians and take you right along the river ”
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“My favorite place in our city. A 10 minute walk gives you access to scores of miles of trails. Walk, hike, run, bike, wander, horseback ride and forget your are even in a city.”
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National Park
“This landmark-filled park covers 20 city blocks with museums, Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell.”
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“Really pretty spot to watch the river, take in the crowds and other festivals.”
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“Great place to hang outdoors... Burgers and shakes are delicious.... families can spent quality time playing mini golf and there’s a playground and merry go round for the smaller kids... ”
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Porto / Marina
“Great for walking, renting bikes (or ped-i-cabs), people watching, getting a bite to eat, starting tours, or--on Sundays--seeing community members gather for dancing on roller skates. They're amazing to watch and the music is good too.”
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History Museum
“This picturesque cobblestone street is known as the oldest continuously inhabited road in America.”
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“One of the largest urban green spaces in the country, Philadelphia's Fairmount Park consists of more than 9200 acres of trails, woodlands and wetlands.”
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“It’s so much joy here. It’s a great place located in the center of the city. Picture perfect.”
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“The famous Love sign you must check out. It's near a fountain and offers amazing views of Philadelphia's museums and City Hall. If there's one place you need to take a photo of, this is it.”
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“William Penn famously entered into a treaty of peace with Tamanend, a chief of the Lenape Turtle Clan in 1683.”
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“Always something happening here, from holiday ice skating to summer outdoor movies to excellent people watching. Easy to get to as well!”
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