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Filadélfia: os melhores parques

Local Histórico
“Visit the most historic place in US: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed at Independence Hall. ”
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“Named after David Rittenhouse, astronomer and first director of the United States Mint, Rittenhouse Square is home to high-end shopping and world-class dining. Enjoy a lovely picnic in Rittenhouse Square Park or simply shop till you drop in the most prominent area of the city. Plenty of high-end boutique stores, to huge discount fashion stores!”
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“Within a mile, along the Delaware River, you can hang out in hammocks, enjoy the breeze with a beer, or play giant board games with snacks and ice cream at Spruce St Harbor Park. Consider using the bike share at the park and take a short trip down the river to find it!”
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“This is a short walk from our house. Its a great place for a morning walk or run and you if you enjoy a medium sized walk, the Art Museum isn't too far down the river from this park.”
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“Great for hiking, picnics, or just taking a break to sit and meditate. Bikers, runners, and dogs frequent the trail. It’s really a place for everyone. You may even run into a few equestrians on the path.”
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“Really pretty spot to watch the river, take in the crowds and other festivals.”
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Porto / Marina
“Scenic riverside site of historic boathouses for rowing clubs dating back to 1853.”
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National Park
“This landmark-filled park covers 20 city blocks with museums, Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell.”
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“Great place to hang outdoors... Burgers and shakes are delicious.... families can spent quality time playing mini golf and there’s a playground and merry go round for the smaller kids... ”
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“Whether it is Boathouse Row, the Belmont Plateau, or the Wissahickon Gorge, you cannot go wrong visiting the many aspects of this huge park!”
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“LOVE Park gets its nickname from Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE statue, which has resided in the space almost continuously since 1976.”
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“The famous Love sign you must check out. It's near a fountain and offers amazing views of Philadelphia's museums and City Hall. If there's one place you need to take a photo of, this is it.”
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“Afternoon destination drawing nature-lovers with its collection of flora on a 19th-century estate.”
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“William Penn famously entered into a treaty of peace with Tamanend, a chief of the Lenape Turtle Clan in 1683.”
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“This is the closest large park to the house, and is on the way to Old City where you'll find the Liberty Bell. ”
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“Dilworth Park, a multifaceted gathering space, is located at the base of the western side of City Hall. The area hosts an array of magical events that beg to be captured, as well as an outdoor cafe, fountains of dancing water, a performance space and activity areas for outdoor markets. During cold-weather months, individuals of all ages flock to the Rothman Ice Rink, a winter pop up that allows visitors to skate in the heart of Philadelphia. Get your camera ready because, aside from cruising on the ice, lots of photo snapping is in order.”
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