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Parques e natureza em Providence

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“Super fun zoo for the kiddos. There is a water-splash area and lots of hands-on exhibits in the zoo, plus a large park outside the zoo. (Seasonal) It is about 57 minutes away, but worth the drive for a day-trip.”
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“WaterFire centers around a series of nearly 100 bonfires that blaze just above the surface of the three rivers that pass through the middle of downtown Providence. The string of fires illuminates nearly two-thirds of a mile of urban public spaces and parks, as residents and visitors gather to stroll along the river, listening to music and watching performances. Boats pass quietly before the flames, as black-clad performers tend the fires from sunset to midnight. WaterFire is held May through November, typically on Saturday evenings about twice a month. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend. More information is available at WaterFire.org.”
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“This is right around the corner from the studio, and a great place to have a picnic. It has an epic view of downtown and beyond. ”
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“Great place to unwind in the afternoons or night time. There are concerts and festivals at times. Amazing view to walk around Children really enjoy the park there”
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“The East Bay Bike Path is a 14.5-mile paved rail trail that begins at India Point Park, crosses the Seekonk River and continues southeast to Bristol along the shoreline of Narragansett Bay. The path is flat and passes by a few amazing cafes. A fun adventure for a day-time activity! ”
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“Waterplace Park hosts the all famous WATERFIRE PROVIDENCE! This venue offers over 80 sparkling bonfires, the scent of wood smoke, the firelight on the arched bridges, the torch-lit gondolas traveling down the river, the enchanting music from around the world that engage all the senses and emotions of those who stroll the paths of Waterplace Park.... plus many street vendors with local artisan crafts! Go online to find out all the upcoming dates!”
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“A beautiful park with many surprises throughout. Find the Temple to Music, the Japanese Gardens, The Bandstand, The Planetarium, The Botanical Center... Go to the Zoo and bring a picnic lunch.”
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“Another close spot for a picnic or long walk with great views! You can drive over and park or do a long walk (~1.5mi) from the studio. For the long walk, you have two great options: walking past the historic homes on Benefit Street, or heading southwest along the waterfront that separates the East Side from downtown. ”
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