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Best things to do in Porto Rico

“Visit this Historical Landmark was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1983. Was built in the 16th century to protect the city.”
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Museu de Arte
“This relatively new museum is beautiful and has a small collection of some of the best contemporary Puerto Rican artists. The pond with the Koi fish is also pretty.”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“Funky bar with a maze in the interior. Try to go in all the doors, each time you will find a different theme/music bar. ”
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Theme Park
“If you're an adventure junkie, this is the place for you. Although far from San Juan, Toro Verde is home to the biggest zipline in the entire world. Visit their website to book your trip. ”
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“Local pizza joint in a whimsically designed restaurant. It's everyone's favorite! ”
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Food Truck
“Recently featured in the New York Times, Lote 23 is a food park that hosts over 15 delicious spots. ”
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Science Museum
“Visit one of the world's largest radio telescopes. Featured in the Jodie Foster movie Contact”
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“Shipwreck offers a great outside dining atmosphere. They have all types of options for food from burgers to fresh fish to Italian. They offer a kids menu as well. ”
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“Biggest nightclub in the area. Plays popular music hits from pop/hiphop/latin/techno. ”
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“Museo de Arte de Ponce is an art museum located on Avenida Las Américas in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It houses a collection of European art, as well as work by Puerto Rican artists. ”
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“Was built in the 16th century to protect from attacks coming from land. This is the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World.”
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Bar do hotel
“La Concha Hotel is just an amazing hotel! It's modern, luxurious, has great food and the best stuff! Lots of music and dancing in the Lobby.. Beautiful!!”
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“Great local and imported Draft beer, great music, excellent food! Located in the Plaza and a great spot to to people watch and relax”
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“Beautiful view of the Ocean from the outdoor seating for dinner or bar. Indoor seating as well. Live music on Fri/Sat. Hoppin' place. Local fare, seafood, steaks, mofongo, huge burgers. Delicious and fun. With an Ice Cream shop next door. And an excellent Barber in the mall area. Opens at 11 am.”
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“Local artists, modern, shop. Close by. Visit their website at: mac-pr.org ”
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“If you wanna go out with some friends to have some drinks and dance, this place is for you! It's just called Funky now.”
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