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Best things to do in Reykjavík

Sala de espetáculo
“Harpa Concert Hall is a beautiful piece of Architecture. Inside you will find designer goods and restaurants”
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History Museum
“The National Museum of Iceland was established on 24 February 1863, with Jón Árnason the first curator of the Icelandic collection The museum offers a variety of fascinating exhibitions and one permanent display illustrating lavishly the story of Iceland’s past, from the medieval days of Viking settlements to current contemporary culture.”
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Paisagem incrível
“The pearl is a glass house built on old water tanks. The top floor houses a restaurant with a floor that goes in a circle so you will get every view point. On the floor below there is a viewing deck, where you get a nice view of Reykjavík. On the first floor we have the ice cave walk through. If you are interested in going there I would recommend some warm clothing. To get there takes a 15-20 minutes walk. ”
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Museu de Arte
“Reykjavík Art Museum is a dynamic and progressive scene which gives guests an opportunity to get to know diverse art and gain a deeper understanding of the historic, social, cultural and artistic context of different artworks. The museum exhibits work from Icelandic and international leading artists in Modern and Contemporary Art. ”
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“Popular with the locals, especially during weekends. They don't take reservations so be prepared to wait for a table. The moules frites and confit de canard are excellent.”
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Museu de Arte
“This Art Museum is located in a very small park. The exhibitions vary. There is a small cafe inside the museum and a gift shop. The park is also nice to visit on a sunny day. It takes about 8 minutes to walk there. ”
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“Service Icelandic beer called KALDI which is one of my favourite beer. Its where the locals hang out.”
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“Kaffibarinn is one of the oldest bars in town. The tourist to local hipster ratio has understandably shifted in favour of the tourists in the last decade or so. But that does not seem to make Kaffibarinn any less hip. In fact it sort of adds a new level of coolness. Kaffibarinn at the weekends is an experience you will either love or hate. But if you don´t fancy the partying crowds at night, but you like the sound of Kaffibarinn´s warm, dingly charm, then check it out in the daytime for a cosy coffee or draught beers on offer.”
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“It is a very nice, lively place to hang out with friends. They often have live music playing and they have a blackboard full of house brewed beers that you must try! There is a great mix of both tourists and locals. The food is also amazing. Must try the Kex Burger! ”
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Erotic Museum
“Perhaps one of the more popular museums around. A museum dedicated to penises is certain to raise an eyebrow or two. The museum contains a collection of more than two hundred and fifteen penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland. Including a human penis ! ”
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Science Museum
“Whales of Iceland museum features one of the largest whale exhibition in Europe. The whales are presented in a unique and illustrative way. 23 different life-size models that have been seen in Icelandic territorial waters have a permanent home at the museum. The museum is in only 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre but can also be reached by one of the city buses. ”
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“Coffeehouse/gastropub with lots of light, free wifi, breakfast, and all-day menus, and a selection of wine and beer. Open until 11pm.”
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Galeria de arte
“Its wort it.. the pond in the middle of Reykjavík´s center is in front of it.”
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“The open and sheltered sculpture garden is always worth a visit and if you are interested there is plenty more inside the museum. This house used to be Einar's home and study.”
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“Here you can - in the summertime - experience Reykjavik in the past. Many of Reykjaviks old houses have been moved up here. There are often some exhibitions and there is a shop selling thing from the old days. It is a very nice activity for half a day. Icelanders like to go here and educate their children or just to re-live the old days.”
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Zoo Exhibit
“Family park and zoo. If you have a toddler with you, this would be the perfect place to visit, especially during the summer.”
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