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Reykjavík: os melhores parques

“Right next to The Family Park and Zoo in Laugardalur you'll find the less frequently visited inner-city paradise of Grasagarðurinn; the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens. The park is home to over 5,000 different species of plants, as well as an idyllic pavilion-with-a-pond café.”
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“In the summer it's cozy - also nice during winter to take a walk around the "tjörn" (pound).”
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“Not exactly a park.. more like a patch of grass.. Still, this is the place locals get together at the slightest hint of some sun rays.. Nice on warm days ”
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“Reykjavík´s local park is just around the corner, it has a art museum, frisby golf course, beach volley ball court and more.”
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“A connection point for municipal buses. Use website straeto dot is and preferrably download their great app.”
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“A basic little park which is occupied by young hipsters and sun-loving crowd during the sunny days. Kids come here to play frisbee-golf, volleyball, soccer and the viking game "Kubb", which can be described as a mixture of bowling and horseshoes.”
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“A small amusement park aimed at kids. A nice day out would be to go to this park, and the Small animal park, that is next to it. ”
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“The ice skating rink in Laugardalur is suited for the ice-hockey and figure skating. The venue is indoor and is used for practice, competitions and the general public.”
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“historical place, the name of Reykjavik is from this place, smoke of warm water, outdoor, free of charge ”
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“Here you will be able to catch buses to most of Reykjavik and it is also a sightseeing location with the prime minister offices right by it. ”
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“Around Perlan is a great area for a little forest walk in the middle of the city - no actual play area for the kids but just the "forest" itself and something to play in here and there.”
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“Nearest drop off with Reykjavík Excursions when going to and from Keflavik International Airport”
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“Around this square you can find tourist information, some very good restaurant, grocery store and coffee bar,”
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Dog Run
“Rauðavatn (Red Lake) is a small lake know for turning red-ish around a certain time of the year. ”
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“Children of all ages love to go to The Zoo and Park in Laugardalur, to get to know domestic and farmed animals, play in creative playgrounds and ride a boat or a car. ”
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“Good place to go with kids, and there is one of the best Icelandic disk golf course. ”
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