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Coisas para fazer em Richmond

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

“Always worth a visit with its seasonal showings that are constantly changing.”
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“Great one-mile strip with local restaurants, bars, and shopping. Some of our favorite places include One Eyed Jaques for board gaming, Chop Suey for used books, Galaxy Diner for food, Mongrel for weird and eclectic stuff, and there's so much more! ”
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“This is a great walking tour. Go past tredegear iron works. Park in the lot right before dominion power and the walking bridge. Walk across the bridge and take a walking tour of civil war history. Also great view of RVA and the James River.”
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“BEST MOVIE THEATER EVER. Second-run movies in Carytown for $4. Sit in the middle for better seats. This is a landmark movie palace. This place is insanely awesome.”
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“This is a beautiful park, not far from the Guesthouse, that features a Gilded-era mansion & stables, a nature center & petting farm, Japanese & Italian gardens and many lovely walking paths.”
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“Historic Cemetery - you can either drive thru it or park and go on a nice scenic walk. Great views of the city and of the James River! Make sure to stop by the tomb of President James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and the monument of President John Tyler, the tenth president of the United States. ”
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“Once upon a mid-night dreary ... Before you go, pick up a copy of Silverman's biography of Edgar Allan Poe ( or read the first few pages of the beside copy in our studio). You won't put it down and you won't miss the Poe Museum. In fair weather, don't miss the Poe Museum's weekly ":Unhappy Hour" on Thursdays for drinks in their ancient, eerily enchanting boxwood courtyard. The Poe museum collection is housed in the oldest residential property in Richmond, a charm of great gray stones, mortar, and slate. ”
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“Absolutely delicious pastries and bread. I love the dark rye bread (you can ask for just half a loaf). You can’t go wrong with any of the pastries. The coffee is great too.”
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“A former locomotive assembly plant & brass foundry turned movie theater but in a manner to highlight its heritage.”
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“With the exception of Legend's ont the Southside, this is the OG brewery that got the micro-brew movement going in Richmond. Their classic, the Single, can't be beaten!”
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Restaurante de comida sulista / soul food
“Crowded on weekends. Haute Southern fare. Most anything is a treat. Expensive.”
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“Great lookout that is the "view that named the city". If you're looking for a workout, join in on the Libby Hill Steps! It is a WORKOUT. When you're done, enjoy the sunset. You won't be disappointed. ”
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“Expect to wait in line to order the best pies! I am a fan of their savory pies. Grab some to go and walk to the Libby Hill park to enjoy the view of Richmond while you devour your pie! ”
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“Byrd Park has tons to do for the whole family. Featuring lakes, picnic shelters, tennis courts and summer pedal-boat rides.”
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Restaurante Cubano
“Tiny, vibrant cafe serving casual Cuban fare with wine, beer & brunch with counter & booth seating.”
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“Great local spot with sandwiches and salads and local music. Has a small grocery as well.”
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