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Best things to do in Riga

Museu de Arte
“Located in recently renovated building, this museum has many different galleries to offer for art lovers.”
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Entretenimento geral
“Widest selection of Latvian Traditional kitchen. Also an excellent place to stop by with kids. In the winter months it has a figure skating park, in summer, plenty of kids attractions. ”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“It is on top of Radisson Hotel, so you can enjoy stunning Riga view while enjoying good cocktail. ”
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“Folkklubs ALA basement is a great place with a huge chose of beers, great snacks in a reasonable price and place where to dance your heart out by listening some Latvian music ( but time to time they also have international guests). Place worth to check out.”
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“Not the best Zoo in the world, but is worth visiting in summer if you've already covered every thing else. Kid's will definitely enjoy it. ”
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“A small brewery bar. Hipster District. 15 min with the 11 th tram or 30 min walk with your feet. Next to the Chocolate Museum, the Milk Club, etc. interesting places, restaurants, bars.”
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“It is one of the most popular cafes in Riga. There is some tasty food, local drinks, great cocktails. In the evening it becomes a party place.”
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“When entering the tiny Latvia of the former times that hides unobtrusively behind the pine forest at Lake Jugla, don’t strive to perceive it as a reality for it was a reality only to those from long ago. But the objects, structures, and households still continue to exist. You, a visitor and a stranger, will be rewarded with the intimacy of these treasures of our predecessors. This feeling, without any reminiscence of contemporary man, may be vague, imperfect or too subjective though nursed by many and winnowed by time.”
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“Trendy and popular, this is a place to see and be seen. Love the atmosphere especially in summer.”
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Galeria de arte
“The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE is an architectural monument of national importance. It was built between 1852 and 1855 in the style of a Venetian renaissance palazzo symbolising wealth and plenitude. The design was by the St. Petersburg architect of German origin Harald Julius Bosse (1812-1894) and for the first time in its history, all the rooms are open to the public.”
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“Place where You can see what happened in Latvia during Soviet time (50 years)”
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Night Club
“My most favorite bar. If You go through it in the summer, You will reach open air terrace, surrounded by other buildings, which looks totally awesome at any time of day.”
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“An interesting building, a good car collection from the times of the USSR, and not just. Far from the center. 5 bus or taxi.”
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“Place to dance and have some fun. Sometimes there are some live music shows, or other activities. Omas briljants is charming place, decorated in retro style with a lot of nice details that looks like taken from a grandmothers home, still very modern. ”
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“The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is the oldest in Latvia and the whole of the Baltics, and one of the oldest in Europe. The Museum is situated in Old Riga, in a remarkable architectural monument of the 13th–20th centuries – the ensemble of the Riga Dom. The history of the Museum dates back to the 18th century. The rich and diverse collections of the Museum originated from an art and natural sciences collection of Nikolaus von Himsel (1729–1764), a Riga doctor. Upon his death, his mother Catherina von Himsel carried out his wish to have his collection handed over to the city of Riga. On 22February 1773, the Riga Town Council founded a museum, named it after Himsel and allocated to it the premises of the so-called Anatomical Theatre at Kalēju Street 34/36 (the building has not survived). In 1791, the Himsel Museum was moved to the east wing of the Dom ensemble, which had been rebuilt to accommodate the city library and the museum. An evidence of this is the image of an astrolabe and the inscription “Museum” on the pediment of the building. In 1816, a special Arts Cabinet was opened, while in 1881 the merging the collections of the Himsel Museum and the City numismatic collection formed the City Coin Cabinet. The development of the Museum is closely connected with the activities of the Society for the Research of History and Antiquity in Russia’s Baltic Provinces (founded in 1834), the Society of Naturalists (1845), the Literary Practical Civic Society (1802) and the Riga Society of Practising Physicians (1822). The collections of the above societies were exhibited in the so-called Riga Museum (1858) at Šķūņu Street 11. In the 1860s the collections of natural sciences and archaeology from the Himsel Museum were turned over to the Riga Museum, but some of the collections went to the newly founded City Art Gallery. ”
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“If you cant get into Coyote Fly and you still want to dance and feel glamorous, go here! ”
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