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Roma: os melhores cafés

“-Best tiramisu of Rome , you can find the traditional with coffee or other tastes with pistachio, banana and nutella, nuts and strawberry and cream; - Sunday brunch; - Apertif in the evening from 7.00 p.m”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“Named after the fig tree which shades the chess-playing old boys outside, Bar del Fico is good any time of the day, from breakfast through to dinner.”
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“During your walks to explore the capital I suggest you to take a short coffe break at the famous Sant'Eustachio Caffè, in the square Sant'Eustachio 82. If you raise your eyes when you pass by the church of St.Eustace, a hundred meters from the Pantheon and a few steps from Piazza Navona, you will notice the unmistakable shape of a stag's head sculpted in marble at the top of the facade. This unusual church decoration is an allusion to the life of St.Eustace who lived in Rome at the time of Emperor Trajan and was a pagan army general, before converting to Catholicism. The legend says that during a hunting party, he saw a luminous cross surmounted by the figure of Christ in between the antlers of the stag he was pursuing.”
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Museu de Arte
“Designed by Donato Bramante (a rival of Michelangelo) the chiostro or cloister was once the centre of a Renaissance monastery. After careful restoration, this elegant complex is now used for some of the city’s best and most popular exhibitions.”
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“Disused slaughterhouse transformed into a cultural event ... it is useful to look at the moment what are going on (exhibitions, concerts) ... it is home to the "Gay Village" during the summer months.”
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“This invigorating museum has two locations that expose you to the wild world of modern art. With acclaimed international artists, a café, restaurant, terrace, bookshop and art installations, both galleries are fast becoming creative public meeting places. The Spazio Area has wifi, international art magazines, newspapers and holds events and workshops with poets, artists and philosophers. The MACRO in the Spazio area used to be a Peroni beer factory, while MACRO Testaccio is a former slaughterhouse with pavilions built as far back as 1888.”
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“We sugget you to go to “Giolitti”, just behind home, where you can try a very good gelato and pastries.”
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Loja Gourmet
“Best espresso in Rome. This location is near the Vatican but there are lots of stores in Rome so just google the location near you Not just coffee but lots candies and chocolates and other sinful thing to eat ”
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“International nightclub with 3 different rooms: hip hop, Electronic, and top 40. Something for everyone!”
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“This historic Roman chocolate factory includes a chocolate shop, pasticceria and restaurant. Great for a romantic dinner or a sweet snack. ”
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Restaurante Italiano
“Restaurant with the best view in town, especially in the night, romantic place”
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“Mostly tourists here nowadays, but still worth a visit. THE classic old roman café.”
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“After visiting Colosseum you need a rest! Best food in a quite side street facing the Divo Claudio Temple ruins!”
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“Great food with live music on most nights. They have various meat dishes and pasta, their menu changes weekly.”
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“PANTHEON SPECIAL COFFEE: If you are near the Pantheon you must try "granita al caffè con panna" (the coffee granita with cream). Every time I pass there I can't resist ... I must have one! Here you can try the real Italian espresso.”
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“Perfect bar and restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking Rome from the top of the Spanish steps. Enjoy a nice Spritz and other Italian delicacies with a view!”
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