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Best things to do in San Antonio

Local Histórico
“Just one of the many beautiful missions in the area. I highly recommend seeing the others as well, but of course this is the most well-known!”
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Shopping Plaza
“Lots to see and do at the Pearl. Try the bar at the hotel Emma, it's comfortable and low-key. There's a farmer's market on Saturday morning and lots of special events throughout the year. ”
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Theme Park
“Every summer people get so hot and just want to dip on a water, SeaWorld offers new rides every year. ”
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Theme Park
“This theme park has both an entertainment area with shows and rides along with an extensive water park! ”
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Praça de Pedestres
“Of course you can not stay in San Antonio and not visit the Historic Riverwalk. Downtown San Antonio offers plenty of sightseeing along with places to eat. ”
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Science Museum
“Fun science and history museum in North San Antonio, just a few miles north of downtown on Broadway. Nestled along the northernmost part of the San Antonio River. On Broadway, near North Central San Antonio”
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“San Antonio has a ton a things to do all year round. Downtown is about 30 mins away. Plan a visit for the day. ”
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“Open-air shopping mall with interesting patios and walkways, nothing boring here. Fabulous restaurants too. ”
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“Preeminent museum of Art including collections from such famed collectors as the Rockefellers”
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Museu de Arte
“This is a lovely scenic spot. Many people even take their wedding photos here.”
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“Indoor. Near the airport. Known as a photo op because of the GIANT boots visible from the highway. Cheesecake Factory!”
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Botanical Garden
“FREE! The tea garden is surrounded by greenery, coy ponds, and is located right next to the San Antonio zoo! A great place to take a stroll and get a nice family photo! ”
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“Large outdoor play area for kids and good beer selections with great food. ”
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“Historic riverside park with trails, picnic & play areas, athletic fields & miniature train rides.”
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Praça de Pedestres
“Lots of restaurants, shops, bars, mall, and etcetera along side the river called the Riverwalk. San Antonio´s version of Venice. You can´t leave San Antonio without visiting here. ”
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Paisagem incrível
“Eat at the top of the tower, buy souvenirs, and look down at the city with a telescope. ”
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