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Best things to do in San José

“"Screens the latest releases in a large, recently renovated theater, along with independent films in English. The attached Kubrick Gastro Bar (noon-10pm Mon-Sat, from 1pm Sun) serves up delicious salads, pizza, desserts and an assortment of flavored teas. It's the perfect spot for a sweet treat before or after the movie."”
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“There you can find a small exhibition of what was the Costarricane native pieces of art, made with gold or pottery, made before colonization. ”
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Restaurante argentino
“Iconic Argentinian restaurant located dowtown. Great ambiance, amazing food and service, highly recommend it for meat lovers! ($$$)”
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“Cheap entertainment for kids . Visit of Pueblo Antiguo is very interesting for adults and kids”
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“For those who like to go shopping during their vacation, this is one of the biggest malls in the country, there's variety here.”
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“This Street is for younger people. It is safe because there are many police officers Thu-Sat, you need to be aware of your belongings anyway, but do not be afraid. El Mercadito is the trendiest place these days.”
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“This is my favorite art gallery although it is called a museum. It is located in downtown San Jose around some beautiful parks, I recommend walking this area and getting a feel of the buzz of the city.”
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“Great Movie Theater playing all of the Hollywood new releases and also has a VIP Salon to watch movies!”
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“Nice place to take a trip with kids. It was also the central penitentiary between 1910 and 1979.”
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“Only on Saturday’s, this is located two blocks from our Aranjuez location, below the property in a communal park-recreation space. ”
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“First Mall in Costa Rica. Lots of businesses and shops. Banks, food court. Almost everything you could possibly need. Also look at our recommendation for Multiplaza Curridabat, the upscale Shopping Mall in the area. ”
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Restaurante peruano
“Es un restaurante peruano lleno de sabor y buen gusto. Todos sus platillos son muy buenos. Sus ceviches y tiraditos de pescado deben de probarse. El tiradito a los tres ajíes es espectacular. This is a Peruvian restaurant full of options with special flavors. Every single dish is delicious. Its ¨ceviches¨ and ¨tiraditos¨ made with fresh fish are real good. Try the ¨Tiradito a los tres ajíes¨”
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“Especiality: Meats Budget: $$$ Web: furcafarmtotable.com Phone: (+506) 2220 4909”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Big US Walmart Style for Groceries, Clothing, Electric products. Prices are OK but not the cheapest”
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“If there's some event or concert, try to book it, this Stadium is one of the newest and the best in the country.”
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“Costa Rican music and typical dance show on Fridays - stunning view of the central valley at night”
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