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Best things to do in Santiago

“Gran museo que exhibe obras modernas y contemporáneas de artistas internacionales y chilenos. Great museum that exhibits modern and contemporary works of international and Chilean artists.”
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Galeria de arte
“Cultural Center of Santiago, great place to see art, watch theater or concerts. ”
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“Ideal para salir en la tarde noche a tomar algo o comer, en pareja o grupo de amigos”
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“iif you want to know the past of Chile you must to go to "el museo de la memoria"”
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“It contains a large collection of pre-Columbian artifacts with informative timelines and descriptions ”
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Museu de Arte
“The cultural center "La Moneda" is a place that have a lot of art expositions, food places and is located below of the goverment palace. Around this place you have a lot of restaurants, museums, and different emblematic places that you must visit if you come to Santiago.”
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“Watch performances of well-known ballets or listen to philharmonic, piano and chamber music recitals at Santiago’s principal theater and opera house.”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“Large restaurant complex in renovated urban space. Many good places to eat here.”
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“House of the most famous chilean poets. It has an interesting collections of many objects. Casa do poeta chileno mais famoso. a casa tem um interessantes coleções de muitos objetos.”
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“This dive bar defines the bohemic Santiago with a folkloric touch. Sample a "terremoto" (earthquake) -a classic Chilean drink- at La Piojera and you will walk out feeling like a tremor just hit you.”
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Theme Park
“This theme park is the boggest park in the Santiago. You have a lot of attractions and games. This theme park is inside the Bernardo O´higins park where you have a lot of natural places, museums, and places to do any sport inside.”
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Museu de Arte
“This museum resume all life that the important chilean artist. There are a lot of activities that you can do here and the entrance is free.”
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Bar de Vinhos
“Very good restaurant with very good wines. probably on of the best restorants in teh city Muito bom restaurante com muito bons vinhos. Muy buen restaurante con muy buenos vinos”
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“This museum has a fantastic exploration of the biogeography of Chile. From taxidermy displays to ancient fossils and artifacts from pre-Colombian civilizations so let yourself geek out on the displays about the different regions of Chile *Entrance is free.”
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“Traditional Chilean dishes in a good atmosphere, very reasonable prices, big portions and fast service. This place is always busy, and you will see lots of locals eating here, which is always a good sign.”
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History Museum
“Desde la Plaza de Armas, el Museo Histórico Nacional exhibe la historia de Chile desde la época precolombina hasta 1973. En sus 15 salas, reúne una amplia colección integrada por vestigios arqueológicos, piezas militares, obras artísticas y antigüedades religiosas. Ellas revelan la huella de pueblos recolectores From the Plaza de Armas, the National Historical Museum exhibits the history of Chile from pre-Columbian times until 1973. In its 15 rooms, it gathers a wide collection of archaeological remains, military pieces, artistic works and religious antiquities. They reveal the footprint of collecting peoples”
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