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Best things to do in Seattle

Monumento / ponto turístico
“One of the cities most quirky tourist locations. Right next to Pike Place Market, bring your gum and add to the collection.”
66 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de sushi
“Funky sushi place. Great specialty rolls and the menu is as long as a Russian novel. ”
88 moradores locais recomendam
Sala de cinema independente
“neighborhood second run movie house with beer, pizza, burgers served in theater.”
99 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de sushi
“Best happy hour in town. You can get your stomach’s fill of sushi on a budget.”
59 moradores locais recomendam
“Oddfellows is both casual and cool. They have a solid brunch, lunch and dinner following and a very relaxed atmosphere. The food is simple, affordable and healthy. ”
103 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante Mexicano
“Southwestern-Mexican cuisine & margaritas served up in a hip, colorful setting with ocean views. Also serving happy hour food, late-night food and happy hour drink. Free delivery on first order thru www.trycaviar.com”
91 moradores locais recomendam
Museu de Arte
“In the heart of Volunteer Park. The Museum is closed until November 2019 but the park is well worth the visit.”
85 moradores locais recomendam
“Check the calendar and catch a show. Good mid-sized venue with an attached bar.”
89 moradores locais recomendam
Convention Center
“In case you're in town for a convention, here's the location of the Washington State Convention Center. Only minutes away from the apartment!”
52 moradores locais recomendam
“A new gem in our neighborhood- learn all about Scandinavia, and check out their amazing cafe!”
61 moradores locais recomendam
Bar de Coquetéis
“If you want specialty high end cocktails and get a vibe of what Seattle is this place won't disappoint. Some things smoke when they deliver them. They have absinth and drinks with egg whites. These guys don't mess around. ”
114 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“One of the best seats in town on the shores of Lake Union serving up seafood and a place you’d likely drink a Rosé”
120 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante Mexicano
“Dim, stylish space offers Mexican fare with a modern twist in an upscale cantina plus happy hour.”
60 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de Comida Americana Moderna
“Phenomenal seafood restaurant, completely captures the essence of Seattle dining. They don't take reservations so the best way to avoid the long wait is to arrive a little before they open to be in the first seating. ”
67 moradores locais recomendam
History Museum
“If you like Native Tribal Culture and/or dinosaurs, you will have a great time. ”
57 moradores locais recomendam
“Hip and casual restaurant with an excellent burger (order it medium) and salads. Lively scene. ”
93 moradores locais recomendam