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Seattle: cena gastronômica

“This place is over-the-top luxurious, for a coffee shop. Definitely worth a visit. Also, they have a split-flap display (like you might find in an old train station) for their coffee rotations.”
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“Seattle's best bookshop. Right next to a great casual restaurant Oddfellow's Cafe and record stores.”
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Restaurante vietnamita
“Ba Bar is a Vietnamese Restaurant and Craft Cocktail Bar in Seattle. Recommendation: Saigon wings”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“The Walrus and the Carpenter blends the elegance of France with the casual comfort of a local fishing pub. In addition to oysters, check out their menu that includes locally harvested clams and mussels, house smoked fish, and specialty meats. ”
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Restaurante Havaiano
“Tasty Korean/Hawaiian inspired tacos and fare, right on the water. Prepare for a line and go a little early.”
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“Amazing baked goods that are one of a kind by an amazing chef. Sweet or savory, I have YET to find ANYTHING I have not liked. Chocolates are to die for and their savory Quiche and breakfast sandwiches are delicious. ”
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Restaurante francês
“My "go to" place for affordable but still upscale french food. Wine is as cheap as $3.50 a glass. Very lively and comfortable place and they serve food every day until 1PM. ”
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“Famous quirky circus themed bar with foodie food and hilarious drink names. Definitely worth checking out for a drink or two.”
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Restaurante Caribenho
“Paseo is a Seattle Carribean Latino sandwich shop. Food Network called Paseo out as the #2 rated sandwich in America and was named the second best place to eat in the U.S. by Yelp with a nearly perfect rating and over 4500 reviews. Just a heads up, this is a small shack, not a sit down restaurant.”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“ You can't beat the view is at this restaurant. It's a bit expensive but if you taken a happy hour it's perfect ”
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Praça de alimentação
“4-story, glass-enclosed retail center for shopping & dining with a food court.”
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Loja de cervejas
“You can bring children and pets here. Food is available by food truck. Wide selection of beers on tap, including wine, kombucha, and non-alcoholic - and beers for purchase!”
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“Great breakfast spot for comfort food. Expect to wait for a table though. It's a very popular spot, especially on the weekends.”
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Restaurante Italiano
“Fantastic Italian cuisine. I recommend the lasagna. Check their website for nights with live music and entertainment.”
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Farmers Market
“Every Sunday. Food, flowers, artisanal products abound. Our favorite featured vendor bakery is the Sea Wolf. Get the pretzel buns and make tiny sandwiches with cheese and jams found at the market. There is a shopping basket & bags left in the mudroom for market shopping.”
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“The line at Geraldine's can get long sometimes. If it does, hop across the street and grab a cup of coffee and freshly baked breakfast pastry from Columbia City bakery - you won't regret it.”
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