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Passeios turísticos e pontos de referência em Toshima City

Locais históricos

“It's a big Japanese traditional style garden park! If you want to see traditional garden in Tokyo,this place is best I think. One of famous Autumn leaves parks.”
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“"自由学園明日館/Jiyugakuen Myonichikan", is the original building complex of 自由学園/Jiyugakuen, designed by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Hexagonal chairs In the lounge hall you can see some chairs, and it is said that Wright and Endo worked together to design them. Each chair has a hexagonal back with a horizontal cut. Wright always designed pieces of furniture, considering the harmony of a building and its furniture. "明日館/Myonichikan" was designated as an Important Cultural Property in May 1997 for its historic and artistic values. ”
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