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Outros "Vida ao Ar Livre"
“Situated between Scopello and San Vito lo Capo it was supposed to be a national road but luckily it did not happen and it was created a natural reserve. A true paradise rich in Mediterranean macchia, flora and small fauna. Don't miss the wild white sandy beaches, know as Calette. Recommend for hiking and nature lovers.”
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“This site is at only 20 min. from Trapani and it is included in all the itineraries of Sicily. Here lived the Elymians, one of oldest tribes of Sicily. The temple was not completed but it still looks great especially at night, when you can see it lit up. At the top of hill, you will find a beautiful theatre that hosts representation at summer.”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“Erice is a breathtaking medieval town located on the mountain above Trapani. Ideal place to go spend the afternoon, have their famous pastries and watch the sunset. You can get there by car or by riding a cable car from Trapani”
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Point of Interest
“Set on the edge of a deep canyon amid desolate mountains, the 5th century BC ruins of Segesta, are one of the world's most magical ancient sites. Long before the arrival of the Greeks, Segesta was the principal city of the Elymians, an ancient civilisation claiming descent from the trojans that settled in Sicily in the Bronze Age. The Elymians were in constant conflict with Greek Selinunte, whose destruction ( in 409 BC) they persued with bloodthirsty determination. More than 100 years later, the Greek tyran, Agathocles slaughtered over 10.000 Elymians and repopulated Segesta with Greeks. Little remains of ancient Segesta today, save its hilltop theatre and never-completed Doric temple, yet the ruins' remarkable state of preservation and the majesty of their rural setting combine to make this one of Sicily's enduring highlights. ”
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“Located at only 15 min. from Trapani this reserve is a true hidden gem for hikers. Flowers, small fauna and vegetation make this place amazing especially during the Spring. Halfway enjoy a swim at the old tonnara where are still some building and remote accommodation. ”
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“This is italy's oldest tuna factory, set by the water, famous for it's beautiful old building ^ turquoise crystal clear waters for swimming.”
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“Wonderful natural reserve with a lot of small beaches surrounded by nature. I highly recommend a visit. Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo are the most famous locations. Clear blue waters are the highlight. ”
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Nature Preserve
“Natural Protected Area with Tipical Mediterranean Sea Vegetation and rare Fishes and Birds.”
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History Museum
“The perfect place to watch amazing sunsets and the salt pans sipping a cocktail. ”
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“Prestigious institution is the Regional Museum "Pepoli", located in the premises of the former convent of the Carmelite Fathers, one of the most emblematic of applied arts that is characterized by collections of coral, gold, silver, majolica and sculptural collections, Of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Counted by his founder, Count Agostino Sieri Pepoli, also collects significant works of sculpture and painting, including a San Giacomo, masterpiece by Antonello Gagini, a polyptych of the early sec. XV, a painting attributed to Titian.”
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“large, well stocked with prepared foods and take away, also open on Sundays”
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Point of Interest
“The ruins rank among the most impressive and captivating archaeological sites in Sicily. The archaeological park covers a vast area. Many visitors will never make it to the farthest ruins; if you want to explore thoroughly, you should allow a minimum of 3-4 hours. Wear sensible shoes and take water, a hat and sun protection. There are some shady spots in a valley within the site where you could picnic. Opposite the entrance there are souvenir stalls and a bar with tables where you can buy drinks, snacks and freshly-made rolls. Toilets are available by the first group of temples. There is a little electric 'train' service which runs around the site on a couple of different-length itineraries.”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“good and with view on the wharf. suggestions, first courses: busiate con le sarde and spaghetti nero di seppia; white wine: cusumano angimbé; second course, fish all good; sward fish local specialty”
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“Ottimo per colazioni perfetto per l'aperitivo tra i preferiti luoghi di ritrovo delle serate a castellammare , musica anche dal vivo ”
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Paisagem incrível
“From the lonely planet guide: "The southernmost of the region's two salt museums is housed in a beautifully restored 16th-century windmill opposite the Mozia boat dock, just 10km north of Marsala. It has displays about the history of salt production in the area, including a film in multiple languages. From 4pm to 6pm on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons in summer, you can see the windmill in action.”
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“This is the most famous and oldest one. It goes back to the XIX century when the Englishmen where impressed from the local wine. Now it is one of most important fortified wines in the world. Wine tours in English are available from Monday to Saturday at 10.00 a.m. ”
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