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Loja de departamento
“You can pay lower price if the product you already had purchased have offering the discount after bought in 2 weeks. You can bring the receipt to get discount.”
  • 39 moradores locais recomendam
Loja de roupas
“Take sky train to Granville sky train station in downtown and you will find it crossed the street. A lot of designer brand stuff but pricy for sure.”
  • 22 moradores locais recomendam
“Make sure you instagram the little dessert you just ordered! This cafe is always busy due to their tasty treats that are beautifully prepared.”
  • 51 moradores locais recomendam
“This place won the world gelato competition! The place is tiny and the lineups are really long.”
  • 53 moradores locais recomendam
Sala de espetáculo
“Storied venue for live music, with a sprung dance floor & an iconic list of past performers ”
  • 39 moradores locais recomendam
“There are drug stores, liquor stores and grocery stores about a 2 min walk on Fraser st. ”
  • 33 moradores locais recomendam
“Everything about this place is amazing. Good coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. Always busy because it is so good!”
  • 36 moradores locais recomendam
“A local coffee roaster and our go-to for a quick cup of coffee in the mornings. Their cinnamon buns are one of our favourites! ”
  • 34 moradores locais recomendam


“Big mall downtown with Nordstroms, the Bay, and many other stores. Robson street is there as well, which also has lots of stores to go to.”
  • 168 moradores locais recomendam
Government Building
“The library is an incredible place! In it you have culture and in the night, you can enjoy nightclubes with live music.”
  • 1 morador local recomenda