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Tour dos limões de Amalfi
The Lemon Tour consists of the visit to our farm with practical examples of growing, harvesting and it’s also possible to see our workers in action in the gardens. Then there will be a break in our outdoor place among the lemons where you can taste lemon cake and fresh lemonade. After there will be a visit to the family’s Museum of Arts and Crafts, and to the factory where you can see how to make limoncello and taste our products. In the factory it’s possible to buy our products and fresh lemons with the possibility of sending them. Our farm is certified organic and produces the Amalfi Coast Lemons PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), and our Tour is aimed at an audience that understands and appreciates the educational and emotional trip. Visits to our companies are strongly discouraged for people who have limited mobility and health, being vertical farm. The period of maximum splendor for lemons is from February to August. Other things to note It's a vertical and trekking tour. Visits to our companies are strongly discouraged for people who have limited mobility and health, being vertical farm. No parking on site.
Vamos fazer tagliatelle e tiramisù
During this experience you'll be able to immerse yourself in my family long time farm history. It will be my pleasure welcoming you with a cup of coffee before visiting our cellar and garden where we'll pick some vegetables to use for the class. Then we'll jump to the kitchen and put our hands in the dough or, using an Italian expression, "mettere le mani in pasta". I'll explain and provide the ingredients needed, their proportions, the full process and methods included all the tricks and how to use all the necessary tolls. Then we'll prepare the sauce using ingredients from our farm, in particular our organic vegetables. After making the tagliatelle and ravioli , it will be time to make the typical Italian cake 'tiramisù' following the recipe of my great grandma. We are now ready to enjoy a delicious dish of handmade tagliatelle accompanied with a nice glass of our organic wine and finally the amazing tiramisù. This experience also includes a pice of our homemade limoncello. All the food will be prepared and served with our own organic extra virgin olive oil. Other things to note Please let us know any possible different request or dietary need and I'll make my best to accommodate.
Explore o Vesúvio enquanto cavalga
Our tour is following the local laws,the only one with an horse path legally approved by the National Park of Vesuvius and fully covered by insurance, it will take place inside a Vineyard in the National park of Vesuvius(500 mts above sea level) however it will not go up to the crater since it's illegal "The ride is suitable both for beginners and experts - we will be there to help you! You will receive a small training and you'll be guided throughout this exciting excursion. " Our experience will start with a quick training before getting on the horse, to make everyone comfortable and understand how the horse behave and how we can get relaxed on them. Finally the real fun will begin by exploring the vineyards we will be able to cover some panoramic spots where we'll be able to look over Sorrento Coast and Capri Island. The ride lasts usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes For the finale you will enjoy a nice glass of our vesuvian wine and a little spread of all our local produces! Other things to note Is your first time riding a horse?No worries at all,I'll be really happy to introduce you in this magic and amazing world! If you don't find an available date feel free to contact us!
Navegue e caminhe em Capri
Enjoy the beauties of the island of Capri from the sea! You will sail on board , with a small group of maximum 12 people to discover the wonders of the most beloved island in the world. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the view of the famous Faraglioni, the numerous caves and its striking colour effects, the blue of the sea and the majestic cliffs of Capri. Jump in the crystal water of the island and enjoy limoncello. The tour starts from the meeting point at the port of Marina Piccola in Sorrento. Along the way you will visit the ancient ruins of "Queen giovanna's bath", we will sail along the Massalubrense coast and then in Capri we will enter in the Marvellous Grotto, the White Grotto and the Green Grotto and blu grotto. You will admire the Natural Arch, the Villa of Curzio Malaparte, the lighthouse of Punta Carena and the Faraglioni, passing through the famous Arch of Love. You have free time to visit Capri town, about 4 hours. The captain will assist you during the discovery of the island, providing you all the information you need to know more about the beauties of Capri. There will be stops to swim and snorkel and to enjoy a drink on board. At the end of the tour you will return to the starting point.o
Passeio de caiaque em Nápoles e nas vilas
We will take a kayak ride along the Posillipo coast and use very easy kayak models to maneuver. There are two itineraries that we can do: Towards Marechiaro, Gaiola and Trentaremi bay. Or towards Villa Lauro, Riva fiorita and Cenito bay The tour lasts about two hours where we will stop and swim to admire the seabed and discover the culture and archeology along the coast. Other things to note In case of bad weather we can enjoy the restaurant bar and the beach of Bagno Sirena

Explore Sorrento Peninsula de barco

Passeio de barco e mergulho na Costa Amalfitana
Discover the Amalfi Coast by boat is a mustdo!You cannot leave Positano without enjoying it! Departing from Positano we will explore the landscapes of the Amalfi Coastline.Along the way we will experience the beautifull beaches and the most beautiful sea caves stops for swimming in very cristal waters.We Will discover all the beauty of colourful villages their history..mith & legends,Praiano,Marina Di Praia, Fiordo Del Furore Conca Dei Marini,Amalfi !Iwe will enjoy our boatday & continue our trip along Atrani,MinoriI,Maiori..Stops for several swimmings or snorkeling..And possibility to stop to one of the many seaside restaurant to enjoy an unforgettable mediterranean tasty lunch !! (Restaurant not included).We will back in Positano around 4P.M On Board You will be treaded with a welcome cocktail with Prosecco and snacks ,water,sodas,soft drinks! We will provide you towels ,masks & snorkels I will let u discover the stunning hidden corners of the Amalfi Coast ..the caves& Beaches.I Will Tell you all the history & legend of our Ancient land..and Swiming in the most cristal blue water of the Syrens land. This experience it is meant to be a boat day , admiring landscapes, enjoying the sea relaxing board. Other things to note Bring your camera for gorgeus pics and seasick pills if you get sea sick We have only sea bends on board
Passeio no litoral de Nápoles em uma bicicleta aquática
After we met Our experience will begin immediately by descending the staircase that will take us inside Palazzo Donn'anna caves our starting point with waterbike Palazzo Donn'Anna, located at the beginning of Via Posillipo, is a monumental palace of the XVII Seventecentury. Donna Anna Carafa after her premature death the building remains unfinished assumed the spectacular charm of an ancient ruin confused between the remains of Roman villas that characterize the coast of Posillipo and among the crevices of the tuff caves In the popular beliefs of Donn'Anna it is said that here she would meet her young lovers, chosen among handsome fishermen and with whom she spent passionate nights of love, to then kill them at dawn making them fall from the palace; legend has it that the souls of these unfortunate youngsters still roam in the basements of the ancient dwelling, looking out to sea and moaning. As soon as we leave at sea we will go towards the first stop Villa Lauro an abandoned property of the Achille Lauro family of shipowners all enjoying a fantastic panorama of the Gulf of Naples we will cross some famous locations also of politicians and footballers to arrive at Villa Rosebery the summer residence of President of the Italian Republic only if the conditions of the group and the weather allow it we could continue to the Green Rocks where Who wants can swim Other things t
Vamos navegar pela costa de Sorrento
Rilassarsi una giornata in barca, ascoltare la melodia del vento, ammirare le meraviglie del golfo e la costiera sorrentina dal mare è favoloso; nuotare all'interno delle grotte in una baia accessibile solo dal mare... assaporare prodotti freschi e frutta di stagione cullati dalle onde... è stupendo. Un'esperienza differente dalle altre, che NON si limita ad una breve navigazione trascorrendo la giornata ancorati, ma vive davvero il mare, dove gli ospiti sono protagonisti della vela. Lontano dagli sterioripi turistici di massa. Ed anche in autunno, con il clima mite di queste latitudini, puoi trascorrere una piacevole giornata rilassandoti in barca a vela. Il tutto nel pieno rispetto della natura, con un impatto ambientale pari quasi a zero, sfruttando quasi completamente l'energia del vento.
Passeio de veleiro entre Sorrento e Capri (máx. 5 pessoas)
We will sail along one of the most romantic place in Italy: the Sorrentine peninsula. We will meet in Sorrento (Marina Piccola) and you will first get familiar with the boat and its equipment. We will pass the cape of Sorrento, also known as Queen Giovanna's Baths, and we will catch sight of Capri island. Direction West, we will see cape Campanella and we will do navigation around Capri island . We will sail around the island, admiring all the major attractions along the coast, exploring all the caves, including the Blue Grotto(entry ticket is 14 euro). You will enjoy the blue sea of Capri, swimming and snorkeling in the most crystalline waters of the world. While sailing, you can sunbathe and relax, with the beauty of Capri before your eyes. At the end of the tour we will offer you a taste of local "limoncello". Other things to note If you like we can stop for lunch at one of the seaside restaurant of Capri.During the trip the boat should host until five guests. Our company offer an experience that look cheaper with others motor boats or sailing boats but usually they host more people or have shorter time sailing around
Descobrindo a Costa Amalfitana!
Sail along the beautiful and rocky Amalfi Coast for your sea adventure! Get on board and relax on the deck while I will navigate along the cliffs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hidden coves and romantic beaches. Stop whenever you want to take a swim or return to the shore to explore enchanting coastal resorts. Reaching caves and coves by sea will be an exciting part of this cruise, while sipping a glass of Prosecco. The perfect excursion for couples, families or groups of friends! PLEASE NOTE: -Capri is not part of this excursion. -The boat that you are renting has a bathroom.

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Pompeia VIP: fuja das filas com um verdadeiro arqueólogo
*SCEGLIENDO questa Exp stai supportando un Tour con Archeologi SPECIALIZZATI e Guide eccezionali. ** Visiteremo le aree interessate dalle nuove scoperte. Immergiti nel passato con noi: siamo guide turistiche autorizzate e nel nostro team troverai archeologi professionisti e specializzati e dottorandi/studenti in archeologia e storia dell'arte. Dal 2015 è nato il nostro progetto Naples Grand Tour (ti invito a seguirci sui social) con lo scopo di favorire la conoscenza del nostro territorio. Preparati ad esplorare la città antica e le sue rovine. In tutta sicurezza partiremo dall'ingresso principale della città: Porta Marina. Con il VESUVIO in lontananza, parleremo degli ultimi momenti di POMPEI, della catastrofe e della STORIA DEGLI SCAVI. Passeremo per la BASILICA, il FORO con il mercato ed i TEMPLI principali...cammineremo per il decumano maggiore osservando da vicino e dall'interno le TERME SUBURBANE (spettacolare e recentemente aperte!) senza dimenticare di fare attenzione ai diversi simboli erotici sparsi per la città antica ed all'interno del LUPANARE! Esploreremo alcune delle più belle DOMUS aperte di recente ed in particolare le più affascinanti dove in alcune di esse i restauri sono stati eseguiti dal mio Prof. La visita continuerà tra BOTTEGHE, AFFRESCHI, MOSAICI, panetterie, TEATRI e aneddoti e storie di Abitanti e GLADIATORI. Pompei è viva. Ti aspettiamo!
Aula de pizza tradicional, massa secreta, entrada e San Marzano
You will have the best experience of your life! The most popular food in the world! You will make your own pizza in the city that invented it! So First step I'll give aprons, and we'll start creating the dough. You gonna receive all explanations about ingredients. its process and secrets, step by step you'll make your neapolitan dough! Second step will be about cutting the dough, through a special and old technique of more than 600 years, called "mozzatura", learnt from mozzarella chefs. After i will give you a local starter, you will taste organic products tomato from Vesuvio , homemade bread and fried arancini. This part is very important for you to understand the high quality of products that everybody should use while cooking. Finally we gonna make the Margherita pizza! I will show you how to stretch out pizza dough and add ingredients on top like only a pizza chef does. I'll explain you each ingredient but a little focus more on our juicy San Marzano tomato recipe. Last step we will cook the pizza in the neapolitan oven. I'll give you many info's about that and you will also put your pizza on the plate. While you'll enjoy your pizza with an included drink, I'll tell you the history of Pizza. And finally you'll receive a personalized diploma!
Explore Pompeia com um arqueólogo
Ready to go back to the 79 AD? Well, you’re in the right place! This experience consists of a marvellous throw-back walk around the ancient city of Pompeii, the Roman city that was covered by volcanic ashes in 79 AD. *Tours lead by Archaeologists, Art Historians and qualified Tour Guides coordinated by Emiliano, founder of Askos Tours: a tour operator specializing in archaeology tours, owning all the legal requirements, authorizations and insurances. *2020 NEWS: from now on you will also have the possibility to visit the new DOMUS (Houses of people of the time), recently discovered or restored and now opened to the public. My tours are organized to be the most informative, interactive and wonderful experiences ever. You won’t just learn anecdotes about the history of Pompeii: you will be in the hands of my most valid guides, who will fascinate you with their knowledge and professionalism. Children are welcome to my tours. We are LANGUAGE-FRIENDLY (we offer services in German, Italian, French, English and Spanish. Our support team is always AT YOUR DISPOSAL, shall you have any doubt or question regarding anything. WHAT YOU'LL HAVE: • the possibility to live a wonderful experience both in a small, intimate group or a PRIVATE one • a tour suitable for children • passionate guides and archaeologists at your disposal Other things to note •Tickets ARE NOT INCLUDED in the price
Tour e gastronomia de rua em Nápoles
On our 2.5 hours Street Food Tour you'll see the highlights of the historic center of Naples and taste lots of local specialties. See some of the main sights of the city, including Via dei Tribunali, San Gregorio Armeno, Piazza Bellini, Spaccanapoli and more. While you stroll around the beating heart of Naples I’ll take you to taste the famous Tarallo a traditional snack, salty and crunch that will tickle your taste buds. Savor mouthwatering Mozzarella, stop by one of Neapolitans most famous pizzerias, from 1935, to taste the traditional fried pizza and the wallet pizza, also known as “pizza a portafoglio”. As part of our 5th savory stops, taste the real “frittatina” (fried pasta, with béchamel sauce, ham, meat and peas). It just tastes like heaven! Visit the Limoncello Factory, and taste different kinds of liqueurs. Finally, while we walk through "Spaccanapoli” taste real Italian Ice Cream and sink your teeth into local pastries such as Babà and Sfogliatella from a traditional pastry shop from 1837! Do not miss the chance to learn all about Neapolitan heritage. I’ll be pleased to share all the secrets of our beloved city! Other things to note: Drinks are not included. The food is included in the price, as well the local guide. Small group tour up to 14 people. Wear comfortable shoes. This tour cannot accommodate vegan, gluten or dairy-free participants.
Kayak tra grotte e leggende con una guida locale
Parti con noi alla scoperta delle meraviglie capresi in stile green! Scopri spiagge e grotte nascoste, inaccessibili con barche a motore, senza arrecare danni all’ecosistema marino! Dopo un briefing sulla corretta tecnica della pagaiata partiremo dalla spiaggia di Marina Piccola e subito ammireremo dal mare lo Scoglio delle Sirene, che in antichità era il luogo in cui si trovavano le terribili Sirene narrate da Omero nell'Odissea Passeremo per Cala Ventroso, ci immergeremo nelle sue acque cristalline e ti racconterò tutto sulla storia di Capri e sulle leggende che l’hanno resa famosa in tutto il mondo! Attraverseremo la Grotta Verde, famosa per il colore dell'acqua al suo interno che, a causa di particolari giochi di luce, assume il colore verde. Ci scatteremo foto da cartolina con gli iconici faraglioni sullo sfondo! Al termine del tour resteremo in contatto per scambiarci foto e video registrati. Scrivici se vuoi prenotare un tour privato, durata e itinerario personalizzati! Importante: – La guida si riserva, per ragioni di sicurezza, la scelta del migliore itinerario da seguire a seconda delle condizioni meteo marine e del traffico marine. -Questo non è un semplice tour, ma è un’esperienza unica che vuole trasmettere ai partecipanti l’amore per il mare. - Kayak singoli o doppi saranno assegnati a seconda della disponibilità e delle caratteristiche fisiche.

Atividades perto das principais atrações

Foto de Piazza del Plebiscito
Piazza del Plebiscito110 moradores locais recomendam
Foto de Galleria Umberto I
Galleria Umberto I33 moradores locais recomendam
Foto de Cappella di San Severo
Cappella di San Severo381 moradores locais recomendam
Foto de Piazza Tasso
Piazza Tasso9 moradores locais recomendam
Foto de Museu Arqueológico de Nápoles
Museu Arqueológico de Nápoles251 moradores locais recomendam
Foto de Villa Rufolo
Villa Rufolo26 moradores locais recomendam

Todas as atividades próximas de Sorrento Peninsula

Tour em Positano e Capri
Vamos encontrá-lo no cais principal de Positano, onde passam as balsas, na Marina de Positano às 9h30 para começar a navegar nossa experiência, deixamos Positano pass no meio da ilha de li galli por onde passavam os ulisses, aqui o mar é incrível, nós pare em tordigliano onde à primeira luz da manhã a água é muito clara e você pode nadar, mergulhar e relaxar, também na marina del cantone, mas eu quero mostrar a você a enseada Crapolla, onde você pode admirar uma vista incrível, mas uma cachoeira natural especial onde podemos pare para nadar e tenha uma navegação natural para capri passo a passo, toda gruta gruta azul, enquanto esperamos a entrada oferecemos um bom aperitivo com degustação da boa e famosa panzanella do que gruta vermelha, gruta verde branco, e nos famosos faraglioni, lareira gruta, arco natural onde se pode tirar uma foto, também paramos no antigo porto de capri onde a água é incrível. Chegamos e paramos no restaurante onde você pode degustar discos mediterrânicos e depois visitar a ilha e fazer compras. Em seguida, voltamos a Positano e paramos para nadar ao longo da costa. Oferecemos equipamentos para toalhas e snorkeling para bebidas de frutas, vou guiá-lo nesta experiência e contar a história e o ritmo dos lugares Outras observações Nós o encontraremos na marina de positano, onde as balsas passam depois do hotel covo dei saraceni. Esta experiência é compartilhada com outras pessoas. Temos equipamento de mergulho. Se você quiser, pode perguntar-nos que também temos um cruzeiro privado e se você reservar um privado, nós o buscaremos no seu porto mais próximo
Aprenda a preparar limoncello e geleia
This is a short tour where you take part in the preparation and usually lasts 30 minutes. It takes place in our factory with a splendid view of the bay of Positano, where you will discover how to make limoncello and lemon jam. We will show you the production step by step, in the preparation of Limoncello and lemon jam, discovering the secrets of our mothers' recipe book. After this you can taste the limoncello and other products that we have inside the laboratory, such as candies, other types of liqueurs and other our typical specialties. We are waiting for you. Join us! Other things to note Ci troviamo sulla strada principale SS163/We are on the main road SS163
Passeio de iate premium em Capri
Capri Premium Tour Our exclusive tour of 8 hours starts from Sorrento at 9:30 AM sailing along the peninsula’s stunning coastline passing Marina Grande, Massa Lubrense and Mitigliano Bay , whilst enjoying a refreshing aperitif. The tour proceeds straight to Capri , where we will stop in the most breathtaking areas of the island like: Withe, Green and Blue Grotto,the Champagne and the Heart cave, the Faraglioni rocks and the Punta Carena lighthouse , Tiberio’s jump and Villa Malaparte. (Blue Grotto entrance is optional). After your guided tour around the island's coast we'll disembark at Marina Piccola of Capri , where you will have 4 hours of free time to spend on shore, enough to visit the famous Piazzetta and Anacapri . On the way back we will stop for a swim , providing you with snorkeling equipment. Our last stop before Sorrento at 5 pm will be in the fantastic Queen Giovanna’s Bath, surrounded by the ruins of the oldest Roman Villa of the coast. Before saying goodbye we will offer you a glass of limoncello ! Other things to note Please note that in case of bad sea condition the tour might be cancelled and we can reprotect guests to another day or we will give a total refound. Blue Grotto entrance at an extra cost of €14 P.P.
Aprecie o pôr do sol na costa de Positano
À medida que o sol se põe na vila, nos divertiremos navegando pelo porto da marina di Positano e pela bela linha costeira vertical da cidade de Positano. Chegaremos à Ilha lì galli quando o sol tocar o mar e seguiremos para crapolla e n'erano onde as cores são mágicas. Veremos os pássaros ouvirem seu canto, se tivermos sorte alguns golfinhos. Esteja preparado para se maravilhar com o espetacular pôr-do-sol sobre o mar Mediterrâneo ao se juntar a mim nesta visão diferente do custo que muitas pessoas não conseguem experimentar. Crapolla pequena praia tranquila onde você pode parar para nadar e relaxar ao pôr do sol. Você desfruta de uma xícara de prosecco e frutas e doces boa música e ... Silencioso e nós ouvindo apenas o mar e admirando o pôr do sol. Outras observações Este é um cruzeiro ao pôr do sol de duas horas para ver a melhor experiência mágica e única do dia
Passeio de barco por Amalfi e Positano
- Departure at 10am from the Amalfi dock - Once in navigation, the tour includes: 1) Visit below the coast towards Maiori and admire the towns of Amalfi, Atrani, Castiglione di Ravello, Ravello, Minori and Maiori, where you will visit the Pandora Cave. 2) Once the visit of the cave is finished, we will proceed towards Positano where you’ll admire the Natural Arch in Conca dei Marini, the Villa of Sophia Loren, the Hotel Saraceno, the bay of Conca dei Marini, the villa of Jacqueline Kennedy, the villa of the Agnelli family, and the villa of Moet Chandon up to the Capo di Conca. During this first part of the tour, you will be served fresh drinks. 3) The navigation will proceed in the direction of the Fiordo di Furore, Praiano, to then reach Positano where the landing is scheduled to visit this wonderful city. 4) Once the visit to Positano is over, we will proceed towards the Li Galli Island. The Tour includes, on request, the possibility of being able to enjoy local dishes at various restaurants in Nerano, Conca dei Marini or eating on board, all accompanied by stops to allow customers to enjoy our wonderful sea. The return is scheduled around 5PM
Experiência de barco na Costa Amalfitana
La Costiera Amalfitana come non mai. Con la nostra esperienza in barca scoprirai ciò la nostra Divina Costa ti riserva tra viste mozzafiato e grotte nascoste. Il percorso per Positano e la costa di Ravello vi guideranno in grotte fantastiche, fiordo,torre saracene ed archi naturali. Durante il tour sosteremo lungo le nostre spiaggie raggiungibili solo in barca per nuotare e fare snorkeling Per il pranzo ci fermeremo in un ristorante sul mare Le nostre barche dispongono di bagno,frigobar, musica, doccia e tutti i confort per una giornata in barca. Se la tua data non è disponibile invia un messaggio e cercherò una soluzione adatta alle tue esigenze
Passeio de barco ao pôr do sol em Positano
we leave Positano around 6.30 pm ,to show you the magical moment ,when the sky and sea an sun create a magical color,it's an amazing experience,daydreaming. I show you the amalfi coast we go to the elephant rocks, closer santa croce beach, where that rocks like two elephant kissing, it's a symbol of love.it'a a romantic moment. we reach the pirate cave, and furore .this tour during 90 minutes. We offer prosecco,fresh fruits,snaks,softh drinks, beers. We will leave Positano in the afternoon to reach the archipelago of Li Galli in the exact moment the sun decides to hide behind the horizon when sea and sky create the perfect sunset shades before the moon rises up in the sky. ONE MORE RIDE? I GUIDE YOU! And if the magic of this land, its flavors and its beauties are not enough, well now it's my turn! I will introduce you our local legends and myths only a real connoisseur is able to tell with the same emphasis and enthusiasm our ancestors used to narrate them. The history of that particular rock, its name, all the secrets of our coasts will be revealed. Trust me and my crew and you will understand why the Amalfi coast is so popular and people fall in love with it. Other things to note the captain is at your complete disposal and help you, from you since for your reservation since to reach the boat. And guide you during the tour explain all legends of the coast.
Lemon Tour Experience
Nel cuore della penisola sorrentina , patria di sua maestà il limone, nasce il percorso Villa Beatrice Lemon Tour Experience. Questa passeggiata, nella suggestiva cornice naturalistica offerta dall’ottocentesca villa e dai suoi limoneti, ti permetterà di saggiare nel modo più autentico e realistico tutte le fasi di coltivazione e produzione del nostro limone. Ad accompagnarti in questo viaggio ci saremo noi, che amiamo e lavoriamo questa terra da sempre e ti mostreremo tutte le sue bellezze .Scopriremo insieme i segreti del nostro liquore, la sua storia, l’antica ricetta e le sue peculiarità. Passeggeremo insieme al fresco riparo dei nostri alberi, parleremo dei miti e degli aneddoti che circondano questo frutto e infine giungeremo sulla terrazza della villa. Qui affacciandoci sul golfo di Napoli ti aspetterà un indimenticabile aperitivo. Tra la degustazione del nostro liquore e squisiti frutti ed ortaggi selezionati a seconda della stagione e rigorosamente coltivati dalla stessa azienda agricola, potrai goderti il magnifico panorama. Attraverso il Lemon Tour scoprirai le differenze tra il limoncello artigianale di Villa Beatrice e quello commerciale, tutto ciò immerso nei colori, negli odori e nei sapori di questo splendido territorio. Il Lemon Tour prevede: • Passeggiata tra i limoneti • Degustazione del limoncello • Aperitivo su terrazza
Natação e mergulho com snorkel em Positano e Amalfi
Minha própria cidade de Positano era tão famosa com tarantela e tammorra, experiência tradicional local. E quero conduzir esta experiência combinando tradição e tour por nossa magnífica costa. Você vai pular direto para a ação bem-vindo a bordo com suco de limão e bisquite de limão, damos a você um pandeiro tradicional e guardanapo vermelho, passeio com a música e começar nosso passeio com música tradicional local de tarantela, paramos em Arienzo onde contamos sobre a história deste lugar e te contar sobre a festa do Tibério, seguir para praiano e nadar na gruta dos piratas, seguimos para furor e tocar e cantar com o pandeiro la dolce vita como Sofia Loren no filme dela, você pode ver o litoral e a ponte iluminadores , em seguida, chegar a conca dei marini, praia de Santa croce paramos para nadar a água é cristalina e você pode ver as rochas beijando elefanth. Paramos e servimos um clássico aperitivo de bruschette tarallucci napolitano com erva-doce nosso tradicional queijo e vinho tinto como uma antiga família fazendo não queremos perder a tradição e queremos mostrar um clássico dia de passeio de barco. Siga para Amalfi e paramos por lá para que você possa visitar as compras da cidade e provar os tradicionais doces e limoncello. Quando você estiver pronto, iremos buscá-lo e seguiremos de volta a Positano no ritmo da tarantela, oferecemos frutas frescas e prosecco e antes de morar faremos uma foto com vista para Positano. tchau Outras coisas a serem observadas Este é um passeio feliz onde combinamos música tradicional, comida, vinho local e, claro, passeio e natação e mergulho com snorkel
Passeio de lancha em Capri
Our exclusive tour of 8hours starts from Sorrento at 9:30 am sailing along the peninsula’s stunning coastline passing Marina Grande, Massa Lubrense and Mitigliano Bay. The tour proceeds straight to Capri , where we will stop in the most breathtaking areas of the island like: White, Green and Blue Grotto,,the Champagne and the Heart cave, the Faraglioni rocks and the Punta Carena lighthouse , Tiberio’s jump and Villa Malaparte. (Blue Grotto entrance is optional). After your guided tour around the island we'll disembark at Marina Piccola of Capri , where you will have 3-4 hours of free time to spend on shore, enough to visit the famous Piazzetta or Anacapri . On the way back we will stop for a swim , providing you with snorkelling equipment. Our last stop before Sorrento at 4.00 pm will be in the fantastic Queen Giovanna’s Bath, surrounded by the ruins of the oldest Roman Villa of the coast. Before saying goodbye we will offer you a glass of limoncello ! Other things to note Note that the entrance in the Blue grotto (Ticket € 14) is not included In case of bad sea condition the tour will be cancelled. You can reebook or you will have a total refound.
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