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Metaxi Mas

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April 29, 2018
Real Greek food with decent portions and prices. We eat there every time we are on the island!
May 16, 2017
Nice traditional dishes inside the Naxian Old Market's winding streets.
June 11, 2019
Ωραία φαγητά, λογικές τιμές και μέσα στα στενά της παλιάς πόλης.
January 26, 2019
situé dans les ruelles du Old Market, ce petit restaurant typique saura vous charmer . Goûter les calamars grillés.
July 25, 2018
Πολύ ωραίο περιβάλλον και καλά φαγητά. Οι τιμές δεν είναι και τόσο οικονομικές, αλλά αξίζει τον κόπο.

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“One of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Naxos, dedicated to the god Dionysus and possibly a female deity of nature, was operated at Yria, south of Naxos town and in the middle of the fertile valley of Livadi, between the 14th century BC (Mycenean era) and the Roman period. Worship was conducted outdoors up until the Middle Geometric period (850-750 BC), when four sequential buildings were constructed with the same orientation. These were designed to serve the permanent and growing needs of the faithful in an area whose swampy geomorphology presented particular difficulties. The last of all buildings at the site, a monumental temple constructed around 580 BC (Archaic period), has been restored in the framework of a joint research program involving the University of Athens and Technical University Munich. The Yria temples on Naxos provide unique and full evidence of the birth of Greek marble island architecture. This temple was converted into a Christian basilica in the 5th or 6th century AD. Frequent floods, however, caused it to be abandoned and worship was transferred to the neighboring church of Agios Georgios. The complex included a restaurant for the faithful. Its initial construction phase dates to the early Archaic period and it was replaced by larger buildings during the Classical and Roman periods. A limited sample of the movable finds found after a long excavation in the area is exhibited in the building of the Museum Collection. Vassilis K. Lamprinoudakis Open daily except Monday 08:30 – 15:00 22850 42325, 22850 22725 22850 227285 Free entrance”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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“Traditional taverna with local traditional food, delicious Cheap at cheap rates - plenty of food and with its large portions serving you eat and go out filling up with just a little patience to find a table at peak times so good food and great shopping. Παραδοσιακή ταβέρνα και με ντόπια παραδοσιακά φαγητά , νοστιμότατα Οικονομικά με φθηνές τιμές - άφθονο φαγητό και με της μεγάλες μερίδες που σερβίρουν τρώτε και φεύγετε χορτασμένη ριάζεστε μόνο λίγο υπομονή γα να βρείτε τραπέζι στης ώρες αιχμής τα καλά μαγαζιά και το καλό φαγητό έτσι είναι, περιμένεις λίγο αλά αξίζει να την επισκεφτείτε!!! . ”
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“Εδώ θα φάτε παραδοσιακή κουζίνα, σαν και αυτή της μητέρας μας. Χώρα, Νάξος 843 00”
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“A great (and delicious) variety of ice cream and waffles. You have to visit more than once! ”
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Naxos, 843 00
Telefone+30 2285 026425